About Us

BlindSight Delaware, Inc. Mission Statement

BlindSight Delaware is an organization of volunteers and professional staff dedicated to improving the quality of life for blind and visually impaired adults and children in Delaware through programs of recreation, enrichment, communication and education.

Who We Serve

BlindSight Delaware serves the visually impaired community in New Castle, Kent and Sussex Counties who are:

  • Totally blind (No Light Perception)
  • Legally blind (20/200 visual acuity in the better eye with correction or, has a field restriction limited to 20 degrees or less)
  • Severely visually impaired (20/70 to 20/200 visual acuity in the better eye with correction)
  • Low vision or functional visual impairment (low vision that is uncorrectable vison loss that interferes with daily activities)
  • Families & Friends of those living with any visual impairment

Our Board of Directors

Lewis K. Rolph, Jr. President

William E. Bartlett, Vice President

James Law, Secretary

Alan Wingrove, Treasurer

Rebecca Byrd

Ernest J. Camoirano

Pat Carzo

Scott Clabaugh

James Coverdale

August Hazeur

Alfred Pagano

Ted Reiver

Our Staff

Open Position, Executive Director

Patricia Addison, Peer Support Manager

Cathy Hatton, Office & Store Manager, Recording Services Director

BlindSight Delaware History

We have a rich history of serving those with vision impairments in Delaware that dates back to 1909 when we were originally formed as the Commission for the Blind, by our founder Reginald Van Trump.

In 1948, the Commission split into two agencies to better serve the blind. We were officially incorporated as Delaware Association for the Blind; a private not for profit 501 (c)(3). The second agency became Delaware Division for the Visually Impaired, the oldest state agency in existence.

In 1957, Delaware Association for the Blind purchased property at 800 West Street. In 1968, the Association also purchased 802 West Street. The West Street property was sold in 2015.

In 1957, Landis Lodge was donated to Delaware Association for the Blind.  It was originally built in 1930 on Mrs. Irenee DuPont’ estate.  When she donated the building it was moved to Newport Gap Pike.  As a result of a capital campaign it was renovated and today is utilized as the headquarters for our organization.

In 1957, Delaware Association for the Blind acquired the Sunnybrook building from Emily Bissell Hospital to house programs for children with visual impairments.  Sadly, in 2015 the Sunnybrook building was demolished as a result of flood caused by an extreme freeze that occurred in January 2015.  In 1968, a swimming pool was added to the Newport Gap Pike property.

In 2007, Delaware Association for the Blind increased the acreage of the property on Newport Gap Pike purchasing property from the State of Delaware.

In 2015, Delaware Association for the Blind amended its corporate documents and changed their official name to BlindSight Delaware, Inc.  Today BlindSight Delaware, Inc. proudly serves visually impaired people who live, work and play in Delaware.

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